Gender Identity

Feeling comfortable, congruent, and confident in ourselves is a fundamental human right. For transgender or gender non-conforming individuals, exploring your gender identity and gender expression with a psychologist can help:

  • Clarify your gender identity and expression (if you're still exploring and questioning)
  • Explore your feelings about social and/or medical transition
  • Document your gender identity for the purposes of name change petitions or medical intervention. 
  • Obtain an HRT or gender-affirming surgery referral letter from a psychologist

I strive to provide transgender-affirming services and maintain competence in gender assessment as guided by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health's Standards of Care. During the course of my professional experience, I've provided many referral letters and hold competence in dual-diagnosis gender assessment for those on the autism spectrum or experiencing significant mental health issues. 

For additional information about transgender-competent medical services (endocrinology, psychiatry, etc.) in Los Angeles, check out St. Johns and UCLA



Receiving psychotherapy and/or assessment by a trans-specialized psychologist can be a very rewarding experience. While no book should be considered a substitute for professional treatment, here are a few resources I recommend: