Emotional Support Animals (ESA Letter)

Pets provide us love, connection, and comfort when facing the difficulties of life. Research backs this up, and has consistently demonstrated the positive psychosocial benefits of owning a pet.

If you believe you are experiencing significant stress in your life and would like to live and travel with your pet, an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter could help. ESA letters allow an individual to fly with their ESA in the cabin and live with their ESA regardless of a landlord's pet policy. 

What will my ESA consultation involve?

Send me a message below, or give me a call, and we'll find a time to talk for about an hour. In our consultation, we'll explore your symptoms and life circumstances and I'll ask you to answer some simple questions from a standardized empirically-supported questionnaire.

After getting a good understanding of what you're experiencing, I'll recommend some specific steps you can take to feel better which may include prescribing an ESA.

Can we meet online or do I have to come to your office?

Consultation can occur in my office or online via Doxy, a secure video-call platform.

How much will the consultation cost?

An ESA evaluation and consultation is $150. There is a $15 documentation fee if we agree to proceed with the letter. The letter would be valid for up to 1 year, and includes my advocacy should a landlord or airline try to deny your use of the ESA.

I found a website that sells ESA letters. Is it OK to buy one?

That's one option, though a risky one. Many websites that sell ESA letters often conduct poor evaluations, do not include consultation with a psychologist for how you may improve your symptoms, sell letters signed by unlicensed therapists (rendering them useless), and do not offer subsequent advocacy if a landlord or airline refuse to honor your letter. I recommend people consult with a licensed therapist, such as myself, when determining whether an ESA is best for them.

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